I feel good

Dance is a medium  closely related to and dependent on two sources space and spectator. Space can often determine the possibilites and potential of movement, and the spectator is the one who observes, participate or interacts with the dance artist. In this restrictive situation our two most valuable sources are being reduced. Now, our home becomes the only sanctuary, foundation and a place for playfulness, creativity and imagination,no matter its size. As artists, we want to face the challenges and still discover ways of sharing joyfulness, spontaneity and dance by letting an outside eye in the privacy of our homes. We want to keep our practice alive by sharing good feelings and gratitude, regardless of the constraints we are currently dealing with.


Choreography and dancing: Milan Herich 

Text: Eleonora Magdalena Vrdoljak 

Video editing: Horacio Macuacua

Music: Rene Aubry

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June 4, 2020
I feel good