Born in Slovakia, Milan began his dance training in the Slovakian traditional children's dance company, Dumbier, and went on to graduate from the Banska Bystrica Dance Conservatory.

In 2002, he continued his dance education at there nowned school P.A.R.T.S under the direction of Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker, in Brussels. 




Between 1998 and 2001, Milan was part of Študio Tanca dance company in Banska Bystrica and was part of the creations:

·      Zakázané Miesta

Choreography:Zuzana Hajková (1998)


·     O trpaslíkovi Nosáľkovi

Choreography:Zuzana Hajková  (1999)


·     Lietajúca Frída

Direction:Ondrej Spišák

Choreography:Zuzana Hajková (2000)


·     Hra s časom 

Choreography:Milan Kozánek (2001)


·     Tak dávno som ti nenapísala

Choreography:Zuzana Hajková (2001)


Milan collaborated and performed in the performance Carmen, of world known mime artist Milan Sládek/Slovakia (2001-2002).

Through his interests and occupation he has worked with different choreographers and companies.

He performed and toured with Ultima Vez directed by Wim Vandekeybus in the creations:

·      Puur (2005)

·      Here After, Film (2007)

·      It 3.0 (2011) Movement assistant duet of Wim Vandekeybus and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

·      Booting Looting (2013)

·     Who's gonna help you, Videoclip with Axel Red (2017)


He worked with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in the creation of the show:

·      Myth (2007)


For more than 20 years, he has been in continuous collaboration with David Zambrano as an assistant in classes and workshops, and as an interpreter in works and projects. Some of them were performed across Europe and Latin America:


·      Rabbit project (2003)

·      12 flies went out at noon (2004)

·      Soul Project (2006)

·      Holes (2009)

·      A Solo for Mr.Folk (2014)

·      Silo Solo Solamente (2020)

·      Sushi 20 (2020)


He collaborated with the choreographer Anton Lachky in the creations:

·     Mind a Gap (2013)

·     Side Effects (2015)

He performed in Eleonore Valere Lachky’s piece:

·     Bleu (2014)




Milan has very rich and diverse experience in teaching. As mentioned above, he has and still is working as an assistant of David Zambrano. Here are some of the institutions, universities, companies and open workshops he has been teaching, on his own or as Zambrano’s assistant during the last 20 years.


P.A.R.T.S. Performing Arts Research & Training Studios, Belgium
Rosas/Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Belgium
Deltebre Dansa, Spain
Conservatoire national supérieur demusique et de danse de Lyon, France
DAR Saint Petersburg, Russia 

Circuit Est, Montreal, Canada
SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy ofDance, Austria
State School of Athens, Greece 

Kalamata International Dance Festival,Greece
Charleroi-Danses in Belgium
Institut del Teatre and La caldera inBarcelona, Spain
Conservatorio El Barco, Costa Rica 

Esac - Ecole supérieure des arts du Cirque, Belgium

Flic circus school, Italy

TicTac art centre, Belgium

Festival de danza contemporánea de Buenos Aires,Agentina

Marameo Berlin, Germany

New dance festival, Beijing, China

Tripspace, London, United Kingdom

Royal Conservatory Antwerp, Belgium

Garage29, Belgium

Mousonturm, Germany

Dance days Chania, Greece

Antistatic festival, Bulgaria

Konzervatórium J.L.Bellu, Slovakia

Studio Alta, Prague, Czech Republic

Kaleidodanse, Italy

COBOSMIKA Seeds Formation programme,Spain 

GG Tánc Eger, Hungary

EX-IN, Spain

Ultima Vez company, Belgium

Atlas festival, Mexico

Lagosseadance, Portugal

La Manufacture, Switzerland

Súkromne tanečne konzervatorium, Lipt. Hradok,Slovakia

Cirque du Solei, Antwerp, Belgium

Impulstanz, Vienna, Austria



Milan Herich created a show with Jurij Konjar and Peter Jaško, which was performed and awarded by Gibanica festival in Slovenia:

·     Catharsis for beginners (2004)


He collaborated and created shows with Roberto Magro:

·     Tole(2009)

·     Era(2012)

·     Un minuto (2016)


Milan Herich is co-founder of Les SlovaKs Dance Collective (2006) creating the works:

·      Opening Night (2007)

·      Journey Home (2009)

·      The concert, live concert of traditional music and singing (2010)

·     Fragments (2013)


He also has experience of coaching and choreographing works of renowned circus company, Rasposo:

·      Morsure (2014)

·     La Dévorée (2017)

.     Oraison (2019)

He has directed and choreographed a full evening performance with Petr Forman for the circus school ESAC, in Brussels:

·      Turn over a new leaf (2018)

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