Les Slovaks dance collective

Les SlovaKs is acollective made of five independant, energetic dancers coming from Slovakia:Milan Herich, Peter Jaško, Anton Lachký, Milan Tomášik and Martin Kilvády.

Milan, Peter, Anton and Milan started dancing very early. At the age of five,before meeting each other, they shared the stage at the „Vychodna” folk festival. At that time, nobody expected they would share the same life,education, room, fun, common games and stage frights for the next 20 years.

After knowing, dancing and living together Les SlovaKs officially formed a collective to make dances together in 2006. When making dances, they started from the place they wanted to end at , vivacious and unbound dancing.

Opening Night - This experience (creative process that lasted one year) laid the building blocks for the collective way of working and decision making. It was a beginning of developing common skills in composing while performing, finding movement language (later named "New Traditional dance") and accumulating a set of rules in relating to each other and the public while performing. To do this, they used Slovak folk dance, music and singing. The premiere of Opening Night was November of 2007.

In the second creation, Journey Home, (premiered November 2009 in Brussels,) Les Slovaks continued working as a collective. The characteristic feature of Journey Home was the direct inspiration and the use of Slovak folk dance, traditional polyphonic singing and playing with "Slovak sensitivity" and humor while performing.

Their third creation, Fragments, premiered in Brussels in 2013.Without any boundaries of style, they managed to construct different worlds,that appeared in fullness as soon as the scene unfolded. The show was entertaining, expressive, humorous, touching and full of expressive dancing. Its parkled with references that disappeared as soon as the spectator tried to grab them.

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