„After my studies at conservatory, I started to work in the professional dance company, “Štúdio Tanca.”

This was my first experience, and was a precious period of my life to share my dance knowledge, while learning from my colleagues.

I always knew I wanted to dance and be part of dance companies. One very enlighting moment for me was the one I arrived to Brussels and saw the performance, Blush (Ultima Vez). I was completely shocked and amazed by their physicality and ideas. At that point it was very clear to me where I wanted to be, and with whom I wanted to work. I knew that I needed to dance in this company. Luckily, very shortly that desire would come true.

A very similar thing happened when I saw performance Tempus Fugit in Vienna, by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. The voices and dancing enchanted me.

My experience with each dance company was very different. I could really taste how these kinds of big companies function, what they can provide and how many possibilities they can offer. Being a part of them gave me clarity in my later aspirations.

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