Slovak Folk Dance

Repertoire of  the solo A solo for Mr.Folk

This workshop is designed and created by Milan, with the big desire to share his dance history.Something that inspired him to dance, and gave a lot of answers when asking himself

why we dance. He teach repertoire from the east of Slovakia that was set for his solo, made in collaboration with David Zambrano A Solo for Mr.Folk(2014), working specifically with musicality, rhythm and various qualities of dynamic. This class has a simple structure. Participants are learning set material,and little by little develop, add, and fill movements, which leads to a final phrase. Traditional eastern Slovakian music is used as the relationship between music and the dance, which is integral. All you need are good sturdy shoes to dance with, and the stamina to survive this journey. The dance is very physical, the whole body is working, but emphasizing complex footwork.Traditionally, men wore spurs on their boots to add a different texture to the body percussion.

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