Personal thoughts


Milan is interested in dance as a tool of communication and expression and way of understanding life in its full richness and diversity.


„Dancing occupies most of my time and life.  It is a discipline and practice I am very much devoted to. It has always offerd me questions, plenty of possibilities, and solutions to problems. Dance brought a lot of transfers and traveling in my life. Fluidity and mobility brought joy in revealing and exploring the unknown. When I travel, I am in a constant state of play with timing and rythm of staying in some place. This playfulness and diversity between small, medium and large amounts of time brings harmony to my life. „
„When you travel everything is changing; the landscape, language, culture, food, mentality and surroundings. I also have to change, adapt and adjust to the new environment.  This is how I learn: by observing and experiencing. I believe the best way to gain knowledge is through gaining experience. „

Performing and Creating

„I see performance as an experience of exchange and understanding with the audience. For me performance is and can be everywhere; in the supermarket, bus station, on the street, in our homes… It is a matter of approach to the way we stand, and present ourselves and our ideas. It can be stressfull, joyful or thriving. It all depends on your atitude towards it. As I grow and mature, the process of creation is becoming more and more exciting for me. Every process has different phases of inspiration, ideas, hard work, frustrations, excitment and resolution. Of course, many times the process depends on the collective and people I am working with. They are the driving force of creation, but in any case, the process itself provides so many possibilities and directions to develop and elaborate ideas. Sometimes, while creating, I feel like child at the playground.“


“Cooking has always been my big passion. There were three generations of chefs in my family, so cooking is part of my legacy. I find it very much related to dance;  both of them have vigorous expressions. Cooking in a way is a performance. For me it is a ritual that requires good preparation and thoughtfulness. To do it well, you really have to dive into the components of the recipe, understand the scents, flavor, smell…what to combine and how to combine it. The same as in teaching and dancing; you have to have a lots of patience in cooking to see how ingredients are changing the form, shape and taste. Cooking, like dance, encourages my imagination to go far with my ideas and desires of what could happen and come out of the process of preparing, shaping and serving the food. I find something very honest in this act because it leaves space for spontaneity, creativity and joy of not necessarily knowing the outcome, but creating one, and allowing it to transform. Just like in dancing and teaching, the process is the same; to share the idea, knowledge, effort and enjoyment of eating delicious food or dancing delicious dance.”
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