David Zambrano

For more than 20 years, Milan has been in continuous collaboration with David Zambrano. He has served as an assistant in classes and workshops and as an interpreter in the works and projects. David Zambrano has had a strong influence on Milan's interests and preferences in dance and art, professionally and personally.


“An indispensable and crucial part of my dancing and teaching was meeting David Zambrano. Working with him and assisting him in teaching gave me strong direction. It was, and still is a big honor to work with a master like David Zambrano. David is a living legend, but he is also a big inspiration in my life as a person and a friend. This friendship now over 20 years old, and we can still find and discover new things together. He taught me great things about dance, but even more important and greater things about life. I am very happy and excited to witness the way he approaches his work and life. He developed methodologies such as Flying Low, PassingThrough and Couple Dancing, which are always connected with everyday situations, and are thoughtful reflections of life.Working as an assistant and being a friend of David has influenced me deeply. His presence in my life meant support, challenge, exploration, expanding and diving deep into the all structures of who I am as a dancer, teacher, and human being on physical, emotional and spiritual level. Of course, that has also meant having lots and lots of good laughs and fun. “

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