Teaching has always been part of my professional education, and has been applied in my dance practice. It has been important for me to gather and collect experience in order to be able to share and give what I received, what I was truly interested in and what I believed in. Through my own curiosity, and exploration I realized what I want to share in my dance practice. Dancing, performing and teaching have always had the same value. For me, they have always been intertwined, and always served one another.
Through dancing and performing I could define and refine what I found necessary and vital in transmitting knowledge. Education is part of who we are as human beings. It is part of every family, society and culture. There is an urge and generosity to share what we have, and to enhance other lives with our knowledge. I see something very profound in sharing knowledge. It is a two-way street; I see teaching as an exchange and an interaction. When I teach, I learn at the same time through questions, actions and reactions of my students. Through this I can reflect and become more aware of myself, my teaching and my way of being.

I have taught different groups of people all over the world with different dance backgrounds, different ages and different cultural heritages. Joyfulness and freedom of their expression through body and movement brings connection that is deeply valuable. This is the poetry of our practice and dance art; it brings understanding on a very primordial level.

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