Forbidden Places



„The stage is empty and deserted, it reminds us of a place forgotten by the  rest of the world, a warehouse of unnecessary things… books. It is the last page averted from the outside world, somewhere far off, in the back. It is a silent place that is disturbed once in a while by some lost a long time. Maybe it is the time when books are not meant to be read anymore, but when touched be hands, they come alive again and uncover their profound secrets.“

Premiere 4th of December 1998, State Opera Banská Bystrica

Story and choreography: Zuzana Hájková

Music: Pierre Michaud

Scene and costumes: Aleš Votava

Lights: Róbert Polák

Dance: Renáta Bubniaková, Milan Herich, Peter Jaško, Lucia Kašiarová, Tomáš Nepšinský, Daniel Raček, Stanislava Vlčeková

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